Information services
for the foundation
of our economy

Informing decisions with critical data

An equipment finance company is facing a major lease proposal. With a loan value of over $3 million, it’s critical they have an accurate estimate of the portfolio’s value at the end of its lease. Using EquipmentWatch’s valuation product, they build a residual value analysis and determine that the portfolio will retain 35% of its initial value. Additionally, they subscribe to EquipmentWatch’s new API feed, which enables batch processing and appends in real-time all 12,490 of their assets under lease with expected residual values, thereby allowing for constant risk analysis and correction with no head count investment of their own.

Engaging vital business connections

A facility manager from a nonprofit hospital with over 1,500 beds leverages Penton’s reach into the $85 billion waste/sustainability marketplace, attends WasteExpo. She learns about opportunities to reduce her facility’s energy consumption, networks with professionals and identifies a process for the collection and transfer of medical waste to deliver a 10% savings in waste management costs.

Advancing the way business gets done

A Fortune 50 tech giant taps into Penton’s extensive reach across vertical markets to conduct a one-stop research and marketing campaign pilot to drive the adoption of tablet and smartphone devices among business owners. Campaign results uncovered several high potential segments specifically in government, education, and restaurants. Penton built integrated awareness and educational programs that appealed to each market, including dedicated knowledge centers with virtual learning modules, information resources, business tools, community networking, and social media marketing to drive traffic and engagement.

Penton’s Infrastructure Group supports decision makers in foundational businesses that keep business moving – the assets, systems, and networks that underpin our economy.

The Penton Infrastructure Group covers the following segments:

  • Public Infrastructure provides government decision makers and vendors the information they need to conduct business with public services.
  • Waste/sustainability reaches more than 155,000 business professionals in this $85 billion dollar industry.
  • Mechanical Systems reaches the full spectrum of professionals who design, build, deploy and manage both residential and commercial mechanical infrastructure.
  • Technology serves a community of over 2.7 million IT professionals, developers, channel partners and service providers.
  • Electrical and Energy serve those who manage and deploy power delivery infrastructures, as well as contractors, MRO technicians, engineers and wholesale distribution professionals in the electrical, HVAC and plumbing trades.
  • Wealth Management provides critical information to more than 825,000 professionals in the wealth management community — from financial advisors and planners to estate-planning attorneys and CPAs.

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